Lincroft Soap Co. - Company History

Lincroft Soap Company - Inspired by Family

Provided by William Smith, Co-Owner

                                                                                                                  Advanced Soap of Lincroft, LLC dba Lincroft Soap Co. is a family-owned and operated small business based in Lincroft, NJ, distributing the patent-approved GrabNHold® design cold process soap and a new line of natural, organic products under the Lincroft Soap Co. brand. Advanced Soap of Lincroft was incorporated in February 2021, but the family story starts many, many years before.

A Large, Creative Bunch
When someone asks about our business it always begins the same way - "It's the story behind the brand that's our superpower"; a reference to multiple generations of our family involved in the business including Tim, Jack, Danny (Uncles), Kevin (Cousin), and Angela (Wife), along with many supportive contributors along the way.  
I always begin every conversation about our business (if a customer has the time) as one that started many years ago with my grandfather, William Corley, a former Lincroft Resident by way of Staten Island and Colts Neck. William was a decorated WWII Veteran, who had 8 children, 27 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren, and was married to my amazing grandmother, Olive; affectionately since starting this business we refer to her as the "OC" or Original Creator, not only as a reference to the size of the family, but the fact she played the piano by ear, was an amazing knitter, and a wonderful cook. Her progeny have become published authors, entrepreneurs, musicians, crafters, in short, some really creative people! Needless to say, we feel very at home selling at our local farmer's markets and natural grocers.

Business & Products

The GrabNHold® design was created when Tim cared for his mother, Olive, as a home hospice patient, he noticed she had difficulty handling soap while bathing. Tim and his brother Jack, a Holmdel resident, worked with our cousin Kevin to craft a design that would ultimately become the GrabNHold®. The GrabNHold® design looks simple enough but countless hours upon hours were spent in developing the design, machining special cutters, and late-night family phone calls between Connecticut, Virginia, and New Jersey to develop a product that we'd use with our own families.

Tim and his niece, Angela, make cold process soap working collaboratively to refine and create the perfect hand-crafted products using ingredients only a grandmother could love!
Our handcrafted soap is made in VA and NJ! Since August 2020, Advanced Soap of Lincroft developed new recipes and products, packaging, and are now selling in 13 locations in NJ and NY. We work with the Brookdale Community College Small Business Development Center and are members in good standing with the Home Soap and Cosmetics Guild (HSCG), a best-practice professional association for our industry.

Available Products
  • GrabNHold® Cold Process Bar Soap - many soap products are actually not soaps but detergents. When used, they draw the natural oils out of your skin, leaving your skin dry, chaffed, and often itchy and irritated. Cold process soap is a very old process that doesn't apply external heat leaving the organic ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, and coconut intact; cold process soap produces a longer-lasting, richer lathering bar using natural, organic ingredients that moisturize and protect your skin.
  • Standard Cold Process Bar Soap - multiple scents such as Winter Pine, Maple, and Vanilla Tobacco Bourbon
  • Castile Soap (multi-purpose liquid cleaner) - sold in bottles or dispenser boxes. This is a plant-based cleaner that removes toxins and chemicals from the ingredients. One of our goals is to develop a customer base that refills their products in reusable containers, supporting sustainability, and minimizing disposable containers. Look for us at the farmer's market next to the fresh produce and kombucha stations, and fill up your mason jar with a non-toxic cleaner! 
2022 - New Products in development
  • Natural Deodorant
  • Balms 
  • New Soap bars - Maple, Vanilla Tobacco Bourbon
  • GrabNHold® Surfboard bar wax
2022 Small Business Goals:
  • Expand Lincroft Soap Co. brand awareness 
  • Expand partnerships in the local business community
  • Create sustainable systems to provide our customers with the best natural body care products